1. Plan your vacation days in advance of your arrival and spend some time researching beforehand

2. Arrive early at the parks to make the most of your day and before it starts to get busy

3. Don’t forget your sunscreen, it can get very hot in Florida!

4. Wear comfy shoes at the parks, you will do lots of walking

5. If you need to hire an electronic wheelchair, book in advance as they are quite limited

6. Great shopping in Florida and you’ll most certainly pick up lots of bargains

7. Make sure you pick up and use the many voucher books of various coupons for attractions, shopping and eating in and around Orlando

8. Make sure you take some time out away from the parks and chill out by the pool, go shopping or watch a movie at the cinema

9. Do take snacks or sandwiches with you in the parks if you plan to be there all day, as it can get quite expensive.

10. Lastly, don’t try and fit all the parks and attractions in your 2 or 3 week vacation, there is too much to do!